Emerging by megan dixon

In the known history of our civilized species, the female gender has had to grasp the opportunity to evolve through circumstantial events; often wherein the need for survival supersedes the need to perpetuate established gender roles.

This project fulfills a need to create a space for open dialogue about the redemption and reintegration of the Intuition as one half of the whole human psyche. The subject deserves a space, and a language, because it has the capacity to bring about the global healing needed to prevent the devolution and destruction of the human species.

It’s also the documentation of my path as I sift through the clutter of patriarchal programming and try to comprehend the scope of its effects. I hope to use my experience as an analogy to this greater movement I have the honor of being alive to witness.

What follows is the exploration of non-binary consciousness and its implications from the perspective of a female Human. 

The Earth is witnessing the emergence of the Heroine. She is awake now.

She is a new kind of Woman. She’s listened for a long, long time. She is beginning to speak. She is gathering Voices. 

The New Woman hears the strong, quiet rhythm of the Earth. She is translator; Shamaness.

She acknowledges the wisdom of these rhythms and embraces their guidance.

Pressing against the limitations of culture, she is trapped within a global society that accepts only the rational mode as valid.

She is committed to the difficult and painful path of self-liberation from the inheritance of generations of repression and misogyny through the rewiring of consciousness.

She is the cultivator of Sisterhood.

She is healer of the wounds of sexual abuse. She is transmuter of biologically-driven sexual programming into higher levels of creative actualization. 

She does the deep work of integrating her own masculine energy to embody True balance.

She is educator and advocate for the validity of intuitive knowledge. 

She sets the example for sex-positivity: empowerment, reverence, and celebration. 

She is protector of female energy from exploitation. 

She believes that the redemption of the intuition is the key to the creation of a healthy world.

The Heroine is an identity fought for, won, and defended. It's birthright long denied.

It's a tattoo, over a scar.